Wednesday, February 22, 2012

In the Beginning There Was Dorkness

Let's Do This!
Here I am beginning a blog for the first time... again.  Why?  Because as a writer/director, it's my duty to shamelessly barrage you with my cinema super soaker. After all, this comedy movie "art" I make is for you to consume.  I've always heard you like artists, monkeys, drugs and satire. So open wide. It's got raisins.

Every Wednesday at 11AM Pacific, Flog posts of old films made by my brother Greg and/or myself. Each post will share written commentary and never before shared tales from the set. I will include  pictures, reviews and behind the scenes videos for each project as well. This flog and it's partner YouTube channel are designed to work together as a permanent home for these projects.

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I'd also like to add a disclaimer.  The films in this Flog do not reflect my current filmmaking style.  Really they are for archival and "historical" documentation.  So please don't look at a grainy low res film I made with my brother in college and think that's still how I do things. I'm much worse now.

   The 2012 Flog Agenda until MAY (This list is admittedly Loosey Goosey*)  
  • Skunk Ape Trailers
  • Skunk Ape!?
  • Columbia College Action Film
  • Columbia College Mario Kart Movie
  • Columbia College Viper Fish Video
  • Of Bass and Men
  • Mookalooka
  • Roni vs. Lincoln
  • Son of Roni
  • Rubber Pool Movie Trailer
  • The Rubber Pool Movie
*Loosey Goosey - Subject to changes upon whim much like a promiscuous goose.

More films TBA once these are up.

Keep watching the skies.  (I think that's where cloud computing happens)

For a taste of things to come, check out my reel!


Matt B


  1. Omigod!!! Is it true?! Will I finally be able to relive the joy of watching the Mario Kart movie? I've been dying to see that and The Magical Talking Burrito for years now!


  2. Dan, only YOU are dying to see either of those movies. And for that, I thank you.