Monday, January 7, 2013

The Magic Talking Burrito (1997 16mm)

When a college guy befriends a magical talking burrito, he thinks his life couldn't get much better.  Turns out, he's DEAD wrong.

The year was 1997.  The beer was Old Style. Greg and I were deep into the film curriculum at Columbia College Chicago.  That means we were drinking heavily and eating a lot of Taco Bell.  We all know that's where the best cinema is conceived.

Shot on 16mm for Columbia College Chicago in 1997, this is an early Brookens Bros. masterpiece starring Chad Wheeler as the College Guy, Greg Brookens as the voice of the Magic Talking Burrito, Matt Brookens as Doobie Schmerdstein, and who can forget  Katie Werremeyer and Tim Antonacci as the lovable bartender and nut house guy?

About the quality- yeah OK, so this was shot on 16mm with a Bolex, edited using a razor blade and tape, projected and video taped to Hi8, then digitized years later and output to Quicktime.  It's got a lot of rich smokey flavor kinda like that old skillet you never wash.

Apartment 716 at Burnham Park Plaza was a place of intellectual mayhem and artistic depravity.  It was a foothold in Chicago for Springfield, Illinois geek outcasts like us.  Finally, we were free to follow our dreams of making burrito cinema for the ages.  You can't stop us, Mom and Dad!  You're a solid three hours away!

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