Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Rubber Pool Movie OFFICIAL TRAILER!

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T'was the summer of '99. 

Greg and I were back in Springfield for a couple months for break. We'd been cranking on our film degrees at Columbia College Chicago, and were excited to get back to our roots: Shooting fun movies with our friends.  

Greg wrote the script for this wacky mini-feature and I still think it holds up.  Add a big budget and Zach Galafinakis, and this could have be a Hollywood blockbuster. 

As is, The Rubber Pool Movie is a fun time capsule of our Springfield past, not to mention a testament to the good will of our friends whom we convinced to act.  Steve Puglia, I know you're looking at the pork chops on your boobs in the above photo, and beaming with pride! For me, this is all a reminder that films don't make themselves.  You need some dear friends who believe in you (and who must be really bored) to pitch in with.  Greg and I relied on the hard work, talents and friendship of our oldest friends to make this project happen. Joe Loobey, Nigel is perhaps your finest creation. Nobody could wear a blue wig and eat Brillo pads like you... nobody.  Dan Bruce, you were the most enthusiastic, most patient, and most dedicated Bobby we could have hoped for.

The plot goes something like this- Troubled teen, Bobby, runs away Huck Finn style from his abusive pig farming uncle with the help of his washed up British rocker pal, Nigel, while trying to evade an insane murderous golfer, in this coming of age road trip comedy. That's a mouth full, and a run on sentence, but you love it, and I do too, and so does your mom! 
Insane Golfer (Matt Doering) and The Zuchnini Bum (Tim Antonacci) are ready for their fight scene in front of the pink elephant statue.  That's Greg Brookens getting sound and me getting video. 
It's hard to believe we made this movie in 1999.  That was the dawn of digital camcorders at a price we could afford. Thanks to the benevolence of our Grandma Vickery, we were able to get a brand new mini-DV camcorder.  We pooled our funds together and purchased some filters, a wide angle lens, and a tripod.  For sound, we borrowed a shotgun mic from Columbia College. School also let me borrow a 3 point lighting kit, called a DP kit, for the summer.  That was really REALLY cool of them, not that I think of it.  We used the HELL out of all that gear.  Proof that you can make a film for well under $2000.

Dan Bruce (Bobby) prepares for his mourning scene.  Man I was a hippy! 
Whenever your old high school lets you borrow a class room to film your indie film in... DRAW ALL OVER THE CHALK BOARD!

Dan Bruce (Bobby) and Chad Wheeler (Kris with a K) play bullied nerds who get pelted by dissected frogs.

Filming in the Fairhills Mall Parking Lot! (No permits, dawg)

Chad Wheeler, as I remember him in high school.

Matt Doering and Time Antonacci- BFFs 4ERV!

Dan Bruce in Washington Park, contemplating a Styrofoam grave. 
On stage at Springfield Theater Center with a lot of wigs.  This is a flashback to Nigel's band's glory days.

Steve Puglia as young Earl.  Ready for a spork fight.


Insane golfer eating a child.

Greg Brookens with a tiny porcelain pig

Lauren Whalen expressing herself to Steve Puglia. 
Colleen Call

Dan Bruce as Bobby forced to prepare pork for his uncle Earl.

Steve and Chad having a moment.

The Brookens Brothers.

Bill Cox as Velvet Gnu Record exec, Norby Hootch.  This character is reprised in Skunk Ape!? 
Dress to impress.

The Rubber Pool Movie premiered at White Oaks Mall, Springfield, IL. 

At the premier.  We got a respectable turn out considering everything.  We projected from a tiny office projector. Haha!

Andy Kapitan (Center Top) and Scott Cornish (Center) at the premier. 

Show Time!

After the premier, we stayed up all night drinking beer in the country in Bill's truck.

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